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  • Kenetia Lee

Case Study: Hank's Market

Located in the Hyde Park area of Los Angeles, Hank's Market is a testament to the importance of community investment and vision. A family owned business for 23 years, Hanks' used to offer a more traditional menu of mini-market fare. However, the most recent generation has steered the business towards offering the community art, healthy food options, and a safe space.

Paige Blu Industries/PopUP CleanUP was tasked with cleaning the exterior and parts of the interior as well as providing Covid electrostatic disinfection.

It took two hours to squeegee the windows and refrigerator doors, power wash the exterior bricks, sanitize surfaces, and spray for pathogens.

Given California's fire situation, power washing is an important tool for property maintenance. We removed ash as well as city soot that hadn't been addressed for some time. One way to avoid frequent exterior paint jobs (which can run in the thousands of dollars) is to invest a few hundred in an annual or bi-annual exterior clean. Not only that, it will make your business sparkle!

If you want to visit Hank's to support local and female black-owned business, it's located at 3301 West Florence Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90043. Or book Paige Blu Industries for your next deep cleaning or reoccurring commercial clean.

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