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Electrostatic Disinfection

Loft Office
Disinfection Services

Why disinfect your space?

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), infectious agents—namely viruses, bacteria, and microbes—can be transmitted by droplets on surfaces or through airborne contamination.  


PopUP CleanUP offers electrostatic commercial and residential disinfection services to create an added layer of protection for the safety of your workers and living space.

Why choose Paige Blu?

  • Our biocide does not create carcinogens. 

  • EPA-registered

  • Safe for people, plants, and pets

  • Electrostatic spray technology reaches inside nooks and crevasses creating 100% coverage.

  • Free, no-obligation estimates

  • Same day service available.  We have accommodated two hour turnaround calls.

  • Add-ons include deep cleaning and odor removal

Cleaning with a Mop
Guy in a suit disinfecting a shelf
SNiPER hospital disinfectant logo

Paige Blu Industries uses SNiPER, a chlorine-dioxide based biocide, that kills pathogens by physically disassembling the vital structural components of the organism at the molecular level. 


It prevents the organism from reproducing or continuing to function.  Because SNiPER is not a metabolic toxin, but rather acts mechanically, organisms cannot develop immunity to it.

For more detailed information on SNiPER disinfectant, download their brochure here.  You can find thier SDS information here.

SNIPER has been tested and found to be effective against:

How it Works

We take health and safety seriously, which ​is why we ahhere to a strict protocol when it comes to disinfecting your workspace.


Sanitize Surfaces

First we deep clean your space to eliminate any dust and dirt that can attract and foster germs.


Thirty Minute Wait

All humans and animals must vacate the space for at least thirty minutes while the spray settles and coats the affected areas.


Disinfectant Spray

We coat your facility or property with The SNiPER Technology electrostatic sprayer.


Move Back In

You are now ready to return to your space. Please be advised that The SNiPER Technology can reduce contamination of surfaces but does nothing to prevent airborne infection.

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