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  • Kenetia Lee

Why Microfiber Towels are Cinderella's Best Friend

I saw an ecard that said, "I'm not mad at Disney for lying about Prince Charming; I'm more upset about the woodland creatures who refuse to clean my house." Hard not to agree with that. Unless Prince Charming strips down to use his Mr. Clean muscles and comes with a mop.

Cleaning is physically hard, and having bad equipment or not knowing how to clean efficiently which prolongs it makes you wonder what you did to deserve the ninth circle of hell. My personal personal torture is the phenomenon of pushing hair around with a wet rag and then having it stick to my rubber gloves and not being able to get it off into the garbage. As far as I'm concerned, they don't make liquor strong enough to counteract the resulting frustration.

Enter the savior that is the microfiber towel. What is a microfiber towel? And why is this the go-to rag of choice? Microfiber towels are made of millions of, you guessed-it, micro (meaning small) fibers that take advantage of physics to act like dirt sucking machines.

The negatively-charged nylon fibers and positively-charged polyester fibers allow for the gamut of every kind of grime to be picked up: dirt, grease, liquid, bacteria, dust, lint, and, most happily, hair. They are great for dusting and perfect for cleaning with liquid cleaners after the dry dirt has been picked up. Wipe them over your porcelain appliances, computer screens, tile and glass surfaces, window sills, tops of door frames, baseboards, and along the creases between the walls and the floors.

And they are reusable! Launder them with detergent and dry them with low to no heat to avoid melting of the microfibers. Also take care to avoid using bleach or fabric softener as both destroy the charged particles which make the microfiber towels most effective.

Paige Blu Industries uses a color-coded system with microfiber towels to prevent cross contamination. We don't torture woodland creatures by making them clean your premises, but we take pride in making your space so safe and clean that you will whistle while you work.

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