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  • Kenetia Lee


As any entrepreneur knows, putting in place all the systems to streamline your operations and ensure continued success is a monumental and sometimes overwhelming task.

Paige Blu Industries had the good fortune in 2020 to be chosen as a recipient of the Start Small Think Big grant and mentorship program, and we, in turn, wanted to spotlight this program for providers and entrepreneurs who might benefit from their expertise and largesse.

Before the pandemic, Start Small Think Big only serviced small businesses in San Jose, CA or New York City. Enter everyone's new favorite love-it-and-hate-it and how-would-we-get-through-the-pandemic-without-it? tool: Zoom. (Is it just coincidence it rhymes with "doom"?) And now businesses throughout the United States can take advantage of their mentorship in legal, contracts, trademarks, consultations on marketing, sales and bookkeeping, and mock negotiation workshops.

What we found most valuable were the volunteer attorneys who provided complimentary legal advice as well as the instruction on how many ways you can work an equation in Microsoft Excel which has made both pricing and bidding more efficient and easier.

Applicants take note: they get very into the weeds on your financial picture, so only apply if you are willing and able to provide metrics and numbers from which they can help you create a springboard to thrive.

As we head into 2023, we wish to express our gratitude to all the nonprofits who help small businesses like Paige Blu Industries grow their wings.

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